Ashlie Flynn-Baker - Office/HR Administrator

I have worked for Parallel Learning Trust for nine years, from its early days as a business unit of the Local Authority, to the Multi Academy Trust it is today currently with seven academies. I have worked in various administration roles during my time here both in academies within the organisation and the central team and have been involved with many projects, acquiring new academies, leading on new programmes to enable teaching staff and senior leadership teams to focus on their primary objective; our students. Parallel Learning Trust has allowed me to developed my skills and focus on different areas such as human resources, payroll submissions, single central record, website development, and training other staff.

I now work at Kennington Park Academy and will be moving to our new provision, Rockbourne Park, supporting the administration team, training new staff including apprentices, ensuring the school office runs smoothly and effectively and being a support to the Headteacher. The important work of the administration team allows staff to continue working with our students some of whom are very vulnerable and have complex needs, to give them the best chance for the future.

Corinne Gould - Personal Assistant to CEO & GDPR Lead Officer

I joined Parallel Learning Trust in May 2019 as Personal Assistant to the CEO and the GDPR Lead Officer. I am really enjoying my time here and I’m looking forward to the future with Parallel Learning Trust. It is great to see how the Trust is developing and being a part of something that’s rapidly growing.

Being the CEO’s PA and the GDPR Lead Officer has challenged me and made me use a number of skills as I am working in two different key areas of the business. I enjoy working with Mark Jordan and I believe the way I work has greatly improved the way he works and manages his time to enable him to further improve the Trust and the academies.

The quote in the Trust’s mission statement “The Trust is committed to transforming lives for all pupils.” is something that I believe is closely followed by each academy and the Trust. All the staff are committed to transforming the pupils’ lives and I have experienced this first hand working so close to the CEO and Headteachers.

Emily Cadogan - Receptionist, Administrator & Exams Administrator

I joined Ramsden Hall Academy, one of the Academies in the Parallel Learning Trust in November 2016 as an Apprentice.   This was my first job, after leaving college and when I started I felt nervous but was quickly made to feel at ease by the kindness, support and help from the staff at Ramsden Hall Academy.  During my apprenticeship, I was given great guidance and help to be able to successfully complete and pass my apprenticeship, of which I completed in April 2018.

Three years on and I am still enjoying every day!   There are endless chances to develop my skills with opportunities to attend relevant training courses/CPD to progress in my career.   My roles & responsibilities are so vast and diverse from student transport and attendance administration to exam administration, and providing a professional receptionist service and everything in between!   I feel extremely lucky to have a job where I am exposed to new experiences and opportunities.

No two days are the same, I enjoy knowing that I can help staff, parents and most importantly the pupils to help improve their education and school lives.

Englantin Muca - Executive Lead for Teaching and Learning

I really enjoy working at Parallel Learning Trust and I have found that in the three years I have worked here I have really pushed myself to be the best leader I can be.

One of the real strengths of the Trust are the support mechanisms and development opportunities that are available to staff. I never would have thought that in the space of three years I would be Executive Teaching and Learning lead across the Trust. I really feel that the opportunities provided to me show the Trust willingness to develop staff.

The Trust allows each academy to have their own identities and totally appreciate how important each year of a child’s school life is towards preparing them for life.

I am passionate about teaching and have high expectations, not only for myself but for all members of our Trust. The Trust supports my high expectations in all areas, especially in teaching and learning and progress which naturally impacts greatly on achievement.

Martyn O'Donnell - Executive Headteacher for Inspire Academy, Park Campus Academy, Pathways and Wandle Valley Academy

I have been working for Parallel Learning Trust for just over two years and the time has flown which is usually a sign that the work has been enjoyable.

Working for a relatively ‘young’ Trust like Parallel Learning Trust has allowed me to developed personally and be part of their strategic development. The Trust has similar values to my own and what I believe education should look like, it might sound a little corny but we share a passion that helps every student reach their true potential.

These values are not only there to help students but the Trust spots talent across all their employees and where it can it will develop, grow and promote internally.  

Parallel Learning Trust is a growing trust that only looks to expand when the time is right for the Trust. It is a very selective trust and firmly believes that it is equally important for schools joining the Trust that the ‘fit’ is right for them.

One of the things that is noticeable is that each Academy maintains its own identity and are allowed to explore and share outstanding practice from within and outside PLT. I won’t say the work isn’t hard but will say that working with PLT keeps you fresh as the job is always evolving.

Maldwyn Fjord-Roberts - Executive Lead: Behaviour, Safeguarding, Personal Development and Well-being

I have 16 years’ experience, and expertise in management and leadership of SEMH provisions, for pupils aged 5-16.  I have held senior posts in independent, LA and academy provisions, including roles as, Head of department, Behaviour Co-ordinator, Deputy Head and Head Teacher.

As well as a wealth of experience and knowledge in the management of SEMH schools, I have a broad knowledge of management and guidance relating to residential provision.

I have specialised in strategic behaviour management, personal development and safeguarding, as I believe these are the pillars for building better futures in successful SEMH schools. I believe that effective implementation, analysis and evaluation we can improve the learning experience for all of our pupils.

My role is to support each academy in raising the standards and expectations around key areas, based on steady and sustained progress, through joint working and coaching.

I am looking forward to working within each of the academies in adding value to the good practice which is an expectation of the Parallel Learning Trust.

Mollie Warne - Marketing Development Officer

I joined Parallel Learning Trust in May 2019 as a Marketing Development Officer. All of the staff made me feel welcome and I couldn’t have hoped for a better start to a new job. I have really enjoyed my first few months with Parallel Learning Trust and I am looking forward to the future!

The main thing that attracted me to Parallel Learning Trust was its recognisable commitment to change and progression. The staffs focus is on the transformation of the pupils lives and to develop creative, independent, life-long learners. Working within the Trust office allows me to see the work that goes into our academies and how dedicated the team are to the pupils.

I have been progressively developing my knowledge within my role from the day that I joined. I love being challenged and working on new projects and working for PLT gives me that and more! One of the main things that I have been working on over my first months is website development and website compliance. My role and responsibilities within the Trust are expanding rapidly which is allowing me to gain knowledge and experience in other areas.

I am really excited about what's to come.