The Parallel Learning Trust was born from a philosophy that all children respond to high quality teaching and learning environments, whether they be mainstream, alternative or special settings.

The Trust is committed to transforming lives for all pupils. Currently we have seven academies that offer alternative or special provision for those children with social, emotional or mental health needs.

Our Mission Statement

We will build cultures of ambition for pupils from all backgrounds. We will provide a world class education where we seek to develop creative, independent, life-long learners, who will be equiped with a passion for self development, committed to the community within which they will live and work.

Education is the "lighting of a fire" (W.B.Yeats) and our Trust embodies this fully. We aim to contribute to a vibrant population of thinkers, voters, and entrepreneurs, especially within those groups historically excluded by deprivation and low attainment. We will, and already do, prepare young people for a life without limits.

The Trust's role is to enable school leaders within our academies to focus on their core purpose of delivering high quality teaching and learning. It does this by providing a collaborative framework model and strategic support. Meanwhile, the Trust's service delivery arm, Logic School Services, provides practical supports across all of the non-teaching disciplines including finance, HR and premises management. the Trust is committed to being open and transparent with all its stakeholders.

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