We found schools which will exemplify practice that pushes the boundaries of outstanding. From the outset, we ensure that all work of the Trust and the academies within it, is underpinned by shared values and ambitions. All our children and communities espouse and promote these values. Please click through the tabs at the top of this page for more information on the 5 areas:

> Acknowledge and celebrate that all are different and can play a role

> Treat each other equally and fairly

> Contribute to all PLT academies becoming outstanding and beyond

> Have the confidence to participate and seize opportunities that are presented

> Be self-reflective and work towards targets

> Pursue interests in a manner that empowers intensive, critical thought

> Always see the learning opportunity in everything, even when it is challenging

> Show willingness to be a champion for all but in particular, the most vulnerable

> Appreciate that learning can and must happen outside and after school, as well as in it

> Experience influential people and places

> Have high expectations of themselves and others

> Be proud of their achievements and those of others

> Work towards aspirational goals

> Spot the possible as well as the actual

> Aspire to learn

> Value and care for all members of the community

> Display good manners and be courteous

> Show respect for property and facilities

> Tolerate difference whilst critically engaging with it

> Continually seek to make improvements

> Appreciate that learning involves active engagement, critical reflection discourse and relationships