As the Schoolroom enters its third decade of successful, high quality education provision for its students I feel privileged to be able to work with students, parents/carers, medical colleagues and the wider community. The work of the King’s Schoolroom staff team continues to complement the work of our medical and clinical colleagues by promoting the removal of barriers to learning, in all aspects of our teaching. We also work closely with the Play Therapy specialists who are based on the wards.

In the Schoolroom we aim create a safe and engaging environment where our students can thrive educationally and heal. We aim to both scaffold and extend the learning of our students though our formal and informal curriculum. Scaffolding teaching strategies are used to encourage stronger understanding and for the majority of students a greater independence in the learning process.

In these ways we aspire to contribute an example of quality provision in the context of the planned government initiatives - Educational Excellence Everywhere.

Within our alternative educational provision it is particularly important to promote both an educational philosophy and practice that focusses not on a deficit model, but one that nurtures human potential and seeks out the capacities of our students. This necessitates that we actively seek to contribute to re-thinking deficit models both in the education and medical sectors.

The pages that follow provide an outline of the work of the Schoolroom team. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to learn more.

Telephone: 0203 299 4402