How PLT uses Single Central Record Limited

We use Single Central Record Limited's online Single Central Record system for the central Trust and also for our 7 Academies. The system allows us to keep on top of the compliancy of our Single Central Records through a system which notifies us when there are items expiring, action required or expired.

About Single Central Record Limited

Here at Single Central Record Limited, we understand the need for every school to comply with the Department for Education Statutory guidance, in accordance with the “Keeping Children Safe in Education” legislation.

We understand the potential minefield that this has become, so we have designed and developed onlineSCR, the UK’s first online single central record!  onlineSCR is a faster, more reliable and efficient system than a standard spreadsheet, with a built-in automated emailing reminder system that alerts you when all mandatory checks are required.

Our Single Central Record solution was designed alongside head teachers, schools, and educational consultants to make it easy for schools in the UK to use a Single Central Record that covers all members of staff and volunteers. Despite the advanced functionality that our solution has to offer, it is very simple to use and easy to access from any location. New features and security updates are automatically installed by our maintenance experts, leaving your administration team free to focus on their core responsibilities. As a reputable and affordable Single Central Record company, we will help your school meet its legal obligations without placing an unnecessary strain on your annual budget.

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